Friday, December 08, 2006

So-cal winter.

After checking John's blog and Nick Martin's and seeing all the snow, hearing about the cold and how often they are willing to brave the elements and actually ride outside I thought it fitting to dedicate a post to the weather I am enduring here at home.

Okay so this was a little scary. If you see how bright the sun is then you know that I was in serious danger of a sunburn. A very uncomfortable sunburn. That's no joke.

Okay so two things: 1) you can't tell from this pic but it was very warm out and I was sweating. 2) even though the sky is crystal clear there was a real possibility of clouds suddenly rolling in and sprinkling rain on me. It made me very anxious while I was trying to enjoy my ride because there is only so much moisture a man can take. Sweat, rain... come on people!

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