Monday, March 31, 2008


I want some. White would be preferable.

Oakley, you have never looked better.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A veritable blogging whirlwind...

is going on over at Kitty Bait. Pretty much a post every day for the last week, and I don't mind saying that puts me to shame.
Stop it guys. It's not funny and it's making me look lazy.

Seriously though, check it out for a good read.

Raced NORBA #1 today at Fontana.
Supposedly there was going to be a call up based on last years results, which meant I would be in the first row.
In reality they decided not to do it, so when I showed up for my call up I pretty much just sat there 'till they rolled everyone to the line and started in the back, hmmmm.
Didn't really matter much since I didn't have the legs to make the most of a first row call up anyhow. They pretty much just saved me the embarrassment of going from first row to DFL in the first 60 seconds of racing, LOL. Thanks guys.
There were about 60 (a guess) riders in the Semi field and I got 14th so I guess I can't complain... HA!
Anyone who knows me knows that I can complain about anything!
Team Big Bear (a great group of guys) made a slight mis-calculation when they started the Expert women 27 minutes after the Semi Pro men.
With laps at around 35 minutes we started wading through the Expert ladies early in our second lap.
Not fun for them (they came to race, paid their money [$65.00] and deserved to have some fun) and not fun for us (we are mostly a bunch of dorks but still deserve to have good race for our 3900 combined dollars.)
Also, the sun was too hot, the air was too cold, the dirt was too dirty, the rocks were too rocky and my back hurt.
Other than that it would've been a great race.............................if I had won.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just for the record:

If L.A. is full of Snake Plisskens:


Then Ohio must be full of Drew Careys:




I'd bet dollars (the preferred currency of Snake Plissken) to donuts (the preferred currency of Drew Carey) that Snake would win every time in a bike race.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm not riding tomorrow and I can't wait.

100 miles today to top off a week of more than 20 hours.
The shenanigans of Team Bearclaw kept the ride entertaining.
Met Eric at the Bowl and we rode out to a coffee shop in San Dimas... we just happened to meet up with Dan and Jason Lowetz, Jesse, Aram and rode together to the coffee shop to meet Alejandro, Keith and Mike T.
We had coffee and rode to GMR for a few laps of the TT course, then over to ride the RR course through Bonelli, back to the coffee shop for lunch and then home.
It was hot.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Drink it in ladies...

More Keyesville fun:
Not Photoshopped, I actually look this good:


I lost track of all the ladies who wanted their picture taken with me. Here's one pic, taken at random:


Another babe:



My first time at Keyesville! Thanks for letting me know what a cool race it is Dave and Papo.
Brooke and I had fun camping and Dave, Brooke, Alex and I got to have a blast on a beautiful, fun course.
Alex and I started together on the first of 4 laps and were pacing ourselves pretty well until we got stuck behind 4 or so other racers.
I got around at the end of lap one and Alex got stuck behind for a while.
Once I got around I just kept going until I saw Dave yelling at me to hurry up and catch a guy who was right up the road at the end of my last lap... I gave it everything I had left (thanks Dave!) but I finished just 4 seconds behind him.
Alex was hot on my heels, I think we finished within one or two riders of each other.
Brooke put in a massive effort in her race (her longest ever), but I'll let her tell the details.
To everyone who couldn't make it, it's definitely a race worth going to!
Pics tomorrow and maybe more details if anything comes to mind.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ohhhhhh SNAP!!!!!!...

Lyle Cornerbig
Bonelli was rough on Sunday.
I can't remember the last time I had to actually WALK my bike up a hill for no reason other than the fact that I was too weak to pedal.
The lowest moment in the race was when Alex Boone passed me like I was standing still and I had to get off and walk.
The highest moment was when I saw Alex again at the end and I realized I wasn't the only one having a rough day.

In only marginally related news, Chepe Garcia (Toyota-United) was victorious in the Mexican National TT Championship!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see him race in his new custom jerseys.

Congratulations Chepe! I will be crossing my fingers for you to make it to the Olympics.