Friday, December 29, 2006


So the ol' blog has sort of taken a backseat to riding and family this holiday but finally John sent me an email and spurred me into action. Thanks for cracking the whip.

Margarita Sunrise! There is a local ride on Christmas Eve and New Years that meets at the top of Brown Mtn. (Ken Burton) for margaritas. When they saw me poaching a pic with them they gave me a bottle of vodka to help me look legit. Thanks Matt G. for being ready with the camera phone...

Christmas has been crazy!!!!!!! And it's not over yet! We are leaving tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. to go to Brooke's parent's ranch. We will be having a 2nd (3rd??) Christmas there.
I am a big grinch, I HATE Christmas, so it is like torture for me... heh.
We've had family here too so I keep having to go to dinners (but not eat too much) and spend time with relatives which I like but it cuts into riding time.

We went on a big walk through a bonsai garden with family.

It's like pulling teeth to try and get away for a ride!! I had to go out 3 times the other day to get in 4 hours. After about 2 hours it started hailing on me so I went home (as soon as I walked in the door it stopped!) and showered/ate/dried off. By the time I got out on the bike again I had just an hour of light left so I did that and then swapped bikes and did an hour and a half MTB ride! I even had to resort to riding the trainer a couple days later.

In other news, today my weight was 160 lbs. HA, in your face Holiday Treats! Fruitcake, you don't intimidate me.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

They can't all be winners.

After spending two and a half hours outside in an uncharacteristically cold and rainy day, Hunter and I called it quits in favor of hot food and coffee and dry clothes.
Sweet new Peaks Coaching Group kits!!!!!!
After this picture was taken Hunter dropped me on the descent and stinging sleet added injury to insult.

Friday, December 15, 2006

New technology.

Brooke, Hunter and I rode to Mt. Baldy...

Hunter and Brooke on 39... (AKA: the calm before the storm.)

...And then Hunter cracked the whip!!! After giving Brooke some training tips he made her do intervals.

On the way up the back of GMR we ran into Mike Tettleton, a local MTB racer.

Read 'em and weep.

Some of you may have heard rumors in the peloton of new "stealth-cycling technology".
Today I am here to confirm that the rumors are true. While climbing out of the canyon, Hunter told me that I had BETTER drop him (perhaps an unspoken: "or else" ?). It took everything I had but I (thought I) suceeded when I looked over my right shoulder and he was several hundred yards behind and not closing in at all.
All of the sudden, in the time it took for me to go from looking over my right shoulder to looking over my LEFT shoulder I got passed by Hunter like I was standing still. All I heard was "Whoooshhh".
I fear I underestimated the Sneakyness.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pancake morning, coffee afternoon, singletrack night.

Got up this a.m. and made pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon. We hit the trails right after breakfast. Here are Hunter and Brooke riding Sam Merril trail.
After the ride we ate and got coffee, cleaned the bikes and relaxed, then headed out for the local wed. night ride. It was me, Hunter, Banner (intoduced me to MTB racing, thanks Banner!), Matt, Steve and his dog.

The Troops.

Hunter killin' it on his first night ride. He might actually be screaming in this shot... kidding. This is the only one of my "action shots" that came out so like it or not Hunter you are the night ride/action shot poster boy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hunter's here!

So today I braved the traffic of downtown L.A. and (Coach) Hunter survived the perils of the airport, ticketing, driving to/from, pretty much the worst parts of travel! (the actual flying is the easiest, safest part! I'ts everything in between...) After I picked him up it was a mad dash to the trailhead for a quick Brown Mtn/El Prieto loop before dark.

The weather was perfect and the trail was in good shape so it was a sweet ride! I can honestly say that Hunter is the first person I've taken down that trail who never fell once. High-fives all around.

To save on time/$/hassle during travel Hunter just brought his road bike and we put his MTB pedals on my Ziggurat (hard tail). Since Hunter was on the Zig I got to ride my F.R.O. spec'd Race Day (full suspension) which totally rocked my world. I haven't been on it in a while since there're no MTB races of late and I had forgotten how damn quick it felt!

After that it was back to mi casa for some grub while my wife tried to absorb ALL of Hunter's knowledge over dinner. I call this photo: "The Interrogation". Hunter was a good teacher and I never heard her stump him once.
Bonus points to anyone who can post the name of that yellow gem resting next to my laptop in a comment...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Let the trash-talking begin!

For a good read, definately check out John Davis' blog. There is some back and forth that I would describe as "humorous", especially if you read the comments!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New toys!

It was like christmas came early the night before the California state cyclocross championships. I usually don't recommend doing last minute equipment changes but I had been having mechanical trouble and it was the only time I had so I brought all my tools and my bike into the living room and started turning wrenches...This is the bike when I was pretty much done with it. Amuse yourself by seeing which tools you can name... okay that's enough of that. There are some sweet new cranks, a cassette and new cable and housing. Ohhh, Ahhhh! Eat your heart out bike dorks. Here is basically a pretty boring pic of me suffering, taken by my personal photographer, a master of the Glamour/Action shot. He has one of those artsy one word names like "Cher" or "Madonna". I think he goes by the name of "Dad"
As I said though, pretty boring pic so I guess he kinda' let me down but like I said, he IS a master. Trust me.

Okay so the race got off to a quick start and I kind of fell into a battle for ? place with this cat: Michael Lee, a pretty dominant fellow mountain biker.
After a couple of laps he faded and I pulled away so I am guessing this race came after a hard week of base miles as he is a super strong rider.
I mean... I, uh... told him... "Are you hungry?" and then he was all like "Whaaaattt??" only more high pitched than that, and then I was like "Eat my dust!" and I totally smoked him 'cause I am a champ like that! Yesss!
Okay that's a lie. Sorry.

Okay, seriously, I am a serious guy and this is how it really went down:

After going back and forth with Michael Lee for a while we caught up to Jason Lowetz who had rolled his tire off the rim and then punched it/threatened it back on to the rim and Fritz Bottger who had raced single speed earlier and won ( to become State Champ ). I broke away from Jason, Fritz and Michael and rode by myself for a few laps and then Jason put in a huge effort and caught up to me. I really wanted to stay away from Fritz and Michael, and Jason needed the points for his overall standing in the state series so I told him that if we worked together I wouldn't contest the sprint at the end.

Here is a picture of me riding the "run-up" with Jason hot on my heels. It is steep but he and I had practiced it last week and we both rode it every time.

Now back to the story... Jason and I were working together and with two laps to go Fritz put in a hard effort and almost caught us, but then he spun out climbing the run-up and Jason and I stayed away with no problem. For a while I thought Jason was going to fall off and give me the 8th place spot ( the last spot with a cash prize! ) because he started cramping, but he pushed through it and we came to the line together. He got 8th and I got 9th, not bad considering neither one of us had ever raced 'cross before last year.

We then retired to the parking lot to lean against the back of his Lincoln Towncar, the "Black Pearl", and investigate a giant box o' liquer in the trunk while we all shared a bottle of "High Life" that Fritz had brought. None of us are big drinkers so one bottle of High Life was enough for the three of us, but we had several racers crash the party and they all put a good sized dent in the giant box o' liquer. But that is a whole 'nother story, for a whole 'nother chapter. Plus it's top secret so I'll never tell.

Friday, December 08, 2006

So-cal winter.

After checking John's blog and Nick Martin's and seeing all the snow, hearing about the cold and how often they are willing to brave the elements and actually ride outside I thought it fitting to dedicate a post to the weather I am enduring here at home.

Okay so this was a little scary. If you see how bright the sun is then you know that I was in serious danger of a sunburn. A very uncomfortable sunburn. That's no joke.

Okay so two things: 1) you can't tell from this pic but it was very warm out and I was sweating. 2) even though the sky is crystal clear there was a real possibility of clouds suddenly rolling in and sprinkling rain on me. It made me very anxious while I was trying to enjoy my ride because there is only so much moisture a man can take. Sweat, rain... come on people!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A disagreement with Bella.

It was a good day for a ride...

Okay so today I found out that I am not a Chicago fan. I do not enjoy their muzak... in fact I would've gladly paid the dollar I found on the road to have never found the Chicago cd.

Bella, however, seems to love Chicago. It takes all kinds I guess.

Also, I am slowly losing weight. Yes!! More salad please. John, I believe I am doing some serious damage in the "bloggo wars" you mentioned. Man up.

And last but not least, upon returning home from a tough 4+ hr. workout I met the owner of the cell phone I found yesterday. He was stoked to get his phone back and forced ten bucks on me, which I believe balances the cosmic scale and makes the universe right after I was done so wrong by Chicago's Greatest Hits. Sorry Chicago fans.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gold in them hills...

Today I rode 95 miles. I was really tempted to keep riding that extra 5 miles and make it a hundred, or 100.01 miles so that I could say "today I rode OVER 100 miles! MORE than 100 miles!!" Buuuuttttt.... my growling stomach got the better of me and I decided to eat instead. But still, 95 miles (to Mt Baldy and back for all y'all locals) and along the way I scored some loot! Check it:

I am definately keeping the Chicago Greatest Hits cd AND the dolla bill y'all! And some lucky dude will get his cell back.

I may not be getting PAID to ride but I'm still getting paid to ride...

I'd rather be PAID to ride though so if you would like me to ride for you, you can offer to PAY me and I will do it. See how that works? It's like a business transaction, see? You people can just go ahead and hire me now because I have way too much dignity to beg.

Please, please, please, please. Pleeeeaaaaasssse!

Get yours today

I am so excited I can't even sleep! I ordered my Free Sager wristbands and they will be here any day now! Yes! I will be the first kid on the block to get mine and now I can't wait for this weeks 'cross race to flaunt it in front of all the other bike dorks. In your face!!!

If you are not familiar with Jason Sagers blog it is available for your viewing pleasure here: and will fascinate and enlighten, (dare I say mesmerize?) you.

Once you have done that you will undoubtedly be super jealous of me and my Free Sagers and you will want to go HERE and get a pair for your own wearing pleasure.
AND... Fred Dreier of Velo News' Fred's-Eye View did a sweet interview of Jeremiah Bishop that can be seen at Velo News for those of you who want to check up on JB. Do it.

I am a big baby

So on sunday I capped off my 20-some-hour, 300+ mile week by racing 'cross and then meeting some buddies for another 2.5 hours of riding.

I am so tired I actually took a nap today, SLEPT in the middle of the day. Just like the big baby my wife tells me I am.

The last time I wanted to sleep in the middle of the day was when Brooke and I rode down the coast...
After doing this (riding) all day we stopped for some of this...

At maybe the best restaurant ever, Taco Temple. Don't let the unassuming name fool you, the food is top notch.

Anyway that was the last time I needed a nap but I didn't get one until the end of the day...

I think I might have actually been sleeping while this pic was taken!

Monday, December 04, 2006

What I've been up to and the fate of my old camera

Okay, a couple of weeks ago my camera wiggled it's way out of my pocket while I was riding this:

and got run over by this:

and now it looks like this:

But don't worry, 2 weeks and $300.00 later I have a new camera now and we're going to have some fun with it.