Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A disagreement with Bella.

It was a good day for a ride...

Okay so today I found out that I am not a Chicago fan. I do not enjoy their muzak... in fact I would've gladly paid the dollar I found on the road to have never found the Chicago cd.

Bella, however, seems to love Chicago. It takes all kinds I guess.

Also, I am slowly losing weight. Yes!! More salad please. John, I believe I am doing some serious damage in the "bloggo wars" you mentioned. Man up.

And last but not least, upon returning home from a tough 4+ hr. workout I met the owner of the cell phone I found yesterday. He was stoked to get his phone back and forced ten bucks on me, which I believe balances the cosmic scale and makes the universe right after I was done so wrong by Chicago's Greatest Hits. Sorry Chicago fans.

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