Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hunter's here!

So today I braved the traffic of downtown L.A. and (Coach) Hunter survived the perils of the airport, ticketing, driving to/from, pretty much the worst parts of travel! (the actual flying is the easiest, safest part! I'ts everything in between...) After I picked him up it was a mad dash to the trailhead for a quick Brown Mtn/El Prieto loop before dark.

The weather was perfect and the trail was in good shape so it was a sweet ride! I can honestly say that Hunter is the first person I've taken down that trail who never fell once. High-fives all around.

To save on time/$/hassle during travel Hunter just brought his road bike and we put his MTB pedals on my Ziggurat (hard tail). Since Hunter was on the Zig I got to ride my F.R.O. spec'd Race Day (full suspension) which totally rocked my world. I haven't been on it in a while since there're no MTB races of late and I had forgotten how damn quick it felt!

After that it was back to mi casa for some grub while my wife tried to absorb ALL of Hunter's knowledge over dinner. I call this photo: "The Interrogation". Hunter was a good teacher and I never heard her stump him once.
Bonus points to anyone who can post the name of that yellow gem resting next to my laptop in a comment...


John Davis said...


Do I win Hunter?

Lyle said...

Sorry, Hunter is not mine to give. You did win a shiny nickel AND an all expense paid stay at Casa de Warner!!! Your stay includes a guided tour of the MTB trails in the Angeles Crest Mountains. Your tour guide is the very talented Mr Lyle Warner... look out ladies, he is he is handsome and charming with a sharp wit and rugged good looks. And modest.