Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gold in them hills...

Today I rode 95 miles. I was really tempted to keep riding that extra 5 miles and make it a hundred, or 100.01 miles so that I could say "today I rode OVER 100 miles! MORE than 100 miles!!" Buuuuttttt.... my growling stomach got the better of me and I decided to eat instead. But still, 95 miles (to Mt Baldy and back for all y'all locals) and along the way I scored some loot! Check it:

I am definately keeping the Chicago Greatest Hits cd AND the dolla bill y'all! And some lucky dude will get his cell back.

I may not be getting PAID to ride but I'm still getting paid to ride...

I'd rather be PAID to ride though so if you would like me to ride for you, you can offer to PAY me and I will do it. See how that works? It's like a business transaction, see? You people can just go ahead and hire me now because I have way too much dignity to beg.

Please, please, please, please. Pleeeeaaaaasssse!

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