Friday, December 15, 2006

New technology.

Brooke, Hunter and I rode to Mt. Baldy...

Hunter and Brooke on 39... (AKA: the calm before the storm.)

...And then Hunter cracked the whip!!! After giving Brooke some training tips he made her do intervals.

On the way up the back of GMR we ran into Mike Tettleton, a local MTB racer.

Read 'em and weep.

Some of you may have heard rumors in the peloton of new "stealth-cycling technology".
Today I am here to confirm that the rumors are true. While climbing out of the canyon, Hunter told me that I had BETTER drop him (perhaps an unspoken: "or else" ?). It took everything I had but I (thought I) suceeded when I looked over my right shoulder and he was several hundred yards behind and not closing in at all.
All of the sudden, in the time it took for me to go from looking over my right shoulder to looking over my LEFT shoulder I got passed by Hunter like I was standing still. All I heard was "Whoooshhh".
I fear I underestimated the Sneakyness.


John Davis said...

Lyle, it's okay. I know how it feels to get dropped. I dream about it every now and again ;)

Seriously though, seems as if Hunter has plenty of "Navigators-ex-pro" mojo left over!

Lyle said...

Yeah, I hope I learned my lesson. Next time I will try to beat him down the canyon!