Friday, December 29, 2006


So the ol' blog has sort of taken a backseat to riding and family this holiday but finally John sent me an email and spurred me into action. Thanks for cracking the whip.

Margarita Sunrise! There is a local ride on Christmas Eve and New Years that meets at the top of Brown Mtn. (Ken Burton) for margaritas. When they saw me poaching a pic with them they gave me a bottle of vodka to help me look legit. Thanks Matt G. for being ready with the camera phone...

Christmas has been crazy!!!!!!! And it's not over yet! We are leaving tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. to go to Brooke's parent's ranch. We will be having a 2nd (3rd??) Christmas there.
I am a big grinch, I HATE Christmas, so it is like torture for me... heh.
We've had family here too so I keep having to go to dinners (but not eat too much) and spend time with relatives which I like but it cuts into riding time.

We went on a big walk through a bonsai garden with family.

It's like pulling teeth to try and get away for a ride!! I had to go out 3 times the other day to get in 4 hours. After about 2 hours it started hailing on me so I went home (as soon as I walked in the door it stopped!) and showered/ate/dried off. By the time I got out on the bike again I had just an hour of light left so I did that and then swapped bikes and did an hour and a half MTB ride! I even had to resort to riding the trainer a couple days later.

In other news, today my weight was 160 lbs. HA, in your face Holiday Treats! Fruitcake, you don't intimidate me.

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