Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am a big baby

So on sunday I capped off my 20-some-hour, 300+ mile week by racing 'cross and then meeting some buddies for another 2.5 hours of riding.

I am so tired I actually took a nap today, SLEPT in the middle of the day. Just like the big baby my wife tells me I am.

The last time I wanted to sleep in the middle of the day was when Brooke and I rode down the coast...
After doing this (riding) all day we stopped for some of this...

At maybe the best restaurant ever, Taco Temple. Don't let the unassuming name fool you, the food is top notch.

Anyway that was the last time I needed a nap but I didn't get one until the end of the day...

I think I might have actually been sleeping while this pic was taken!

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