Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend update.

RACING IN FONTUCKY! This picture is priceless! Don't know why they have the windshield wipers up, but that is a 50 pound dumbell behind the rear wheel, to keep it from rolling off the jack. Safety first I guess.
I will definitely give the down-low (the "D.L." as the kids say) on all the race action but right now I have urgent news to tell you:

This is a picture of Jason and his brother Dan in the middle of some heated MTB race action...
on thursday they were in a middle of a car chase!
Here's what Dan had to say:

"Today at around noon, I was riding up the first half mile of the crest and rocking out to a euphonious track by the band "Tool" on my iPod, when a car flew by at about 70-80mph. At first I thought maybe the car was going normal speed and I was perhaps traveling backwards at 60mph, but my computer did infact indicate i was going +11mph. The car was followed by about 500 police cars and police motorcycles with loud sirens and flashy lights - I guess they just happened to also be in hurry to get to where the fast car was in a hurry to get to. There were two helicopters in the air. The sites and sounds surrounding me almost made me feel like I was riding in the tour, and I was on a mega breakaway. Then, back to reality, I just happened to see my brother descending down the oposite side of the road - what a small world. He tried to turn around and chase me down but I was going way to fast for legs as weak as his, so he resorted to calling my cell phone. He suggested that the crest would not be the best place to be riding on a bicycle during a police chase, since it's already pretty sketchy under normal conditions. I agreed and turned around, turning my 80 mile day in to a 60 mile day, which was plenty enough anyways.

I'm not sure if it was televised, but if it was and you saw two fellas wearing PAA duds (one in last year's colors and one in the new), them there were's us.

Have a great day!

For those who don't know, PAA colors are mostly red. See if you can spot Jason going opposite the car exactly 15 seconds into this news report: (HINT: He just looks like a black, fuzzy speck.)

Here Jason brings you the inside story of a man... well, more than a man actually... anyway, he brings you the story:

Reguarding the police chase up the crest today.
The red and blue blur you see in the chase footage( aprox. 2.3 seconds after the cbs2 commentator says "this is crazy") was me.
What you didn't know is that he was talking about me.
You can't see it in the footage...but I was traveling at over 270 mph and actually bunny hopped the suspects car.
While in the air I turned, looked at the camera and said.... "yer momma" "how you like me now" "bizzatch" "whooop there it is"
A 2nd chase began.
They were chasing me. Big wooopie. I cranked it up to 40,000 watts. The chase lasted 4 seconds.
Endurance miles are sooo borrrrring.


I hitched a ride to the race with (new Subie rider) Alex Boone and Lee Bird. I was really just going to cheer them on and pass out water bottles, I even brought a Rubik's cube to confound me while they were out on laps.
I DID bring my bike though. Y'know... just in case. After a couple hours of putting off any kind of decision (why put off 'till tomorrow what you can put off 'till the day AFTER tomorrow?) I found myself writing a check to Southridge for a little pre-season fun. I wasn't quite commited to the whole "race" experience though, so I brought my digital camera with me.
We went to the line. It was hot. I had no expectations.
I chased Alex around the course for almost 2 hours, racing as fast as I knew how!
He beat me by almost a minute. I considered that a good race.
Heavy hitters^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Lee on the left, Alex, Eddie, Matt.

The next day Alex and I rode super easy for coffee and enjoyed a well deserved rest day!

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guitarideas said...

That was incredible! That was probably strange to see on bicycle. Wow!! I saw a black and red blurr.