Sunday, March 25, 2007


Glamour shot: hittin' the ol' dusty trail
Alex and I both had good races at Bonelli, along with the rest of the Helen's/Subie/Fisher team.
Alex won his race and I came in 5th.
Podium shots on Flickr
It was fun to get back to racing and also cool because I am not alone in the Semi's.
Another Subie rider, Papo, is in the same cat. and we are about the same speed so we were able to stick together for a while.
Details? Ummm... it was hard, it went on for a while. I passed a few people near the finish and got on, well not ON technically, but... next to, the podium.
Stay tuned for next blog: Euro Roadie Rules of Engagement. Sweeeet.


Alex said...

That photo definately makes you look like a BAMF. Maybe i should just photoshop my face onto that pic and show it off to all the babes at LMU... "those arent implants, baby. those calves are 100% natural!"

Lyle said...

"...You're not getting my Bud-Light Alex"
On second thought, you can have it after all. Thanks for bringing by the Arrogant Bastard the other night. It's true, we're not worthy... but it tastes good anyway!