Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idle Afternoons

Tomorrow is the TT stage of the San Dimas Stage Race! I have been sort of taking it easy the last few days to give myself a break... so not a whole lot to write about!

Will report back tomorrow with the TT stage inside scoop.


John Davis said...

Are you throwing down? On your MTB? With aero bars?

You have to wear your skinsuit and aero helmet.

Lyle said...

Unfortunately they won't allow me to race my MTB.
If I ever get an aero helmet, please, taunt me mercilessley!

Colt McElwaine said...

Hey, how goes it!? Looks like your winter has been pretty good. will I see you on the line in AZ for NORBA#1?

Lyle said...

Hey Colt! Good to hear from you. You will definately see me in AZ.
I hear that you are the man behind the Free Sager campaign... if that's true then good work! I have been wearing my bands proudly on the 'cross and road scenes locally.