Friday, March 23, 2007

Pink is the new White

Because I can...
Before I rode today, I changed my bar tape. I went with pink. Now I'm like, 10 times as faster-er as I use to be. If I could only find a pink saddle...

Spring is here, and group rides are on like Donkey Kong...
This ain't no Ohio group ride. If you think your ride wouldn't be crushed by ours, feel free to drop by the 'Bowl any tuesday or thursday. Come by, introduce yourself, and be crushed.
I'm just kidding Ohio, I'm sure your group rides are really... cute.
That skinny bastard with the messenger bag made the winning break on stage 3 of the San Dimas Stage Race. I really don't know how he stays so thin... he's one of the best chefs,... the BEST chef I know. If I could cook like that I would eat WAY too much.
Good job in San Dimas, Ben, see you for lunch.

After my workout, I stopped off for a few refreshments.
Nuthin' says "recovery" like Cheerios, juice and Pokemon.
Whut up Tuck' and Mickey!

P.S. John, it's going to suck when you kick my ass now.


guitarideas said...

Lyle your so gay. First the mullet no the tape! Pink saddle! OMG what next a pink guitar!

Maybe I have a chance to catch you.


jcmckeen said...

I think you need some pink Chris King hubs.

jcmckeen said...

And good luck at Bonelli tomorrow. Give 'em hell!

Lyle said...

I solemnly swear, that if anyone gives me a pair of carbon rims I will supply pink Chris King hubs and Sapim spokes to build 'em with. That's just a sacrifice I'm prepared to make... for free carbon rims.