Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baby Hauler Baller.

Now this is how to train!
I ran into Colleen on my ride today... as you can see, she is pulling a little something extra. It didn't keep her from opening up a gap. On a hill.
I actually caught up (I had to ride a little above my comfort level) a little later and we got to ride for a few blocks while I headed over to Montrose for coffee.
I predict that when she has only 2 wheels to turn again she will be, what is known in the cycling world (and every other world as well) as "quick".
Before that though, I visited Ben at The Kitchen for some of the best damn food in LA. The Kitchen is a super cool place in Pasadena that does catering and take out. They have tables right outside where you can eat if you go mid ride (which I recommend).
It's also nice if you want to eat picnic style... there's a park right down the street and a coffee shop on the corner so It's a cool spot for an afternoon date!
Anyway, lunch at the Kitchen, coffee in Montrose (also hung out at the bike shop with guest bloggers/racer-types the Lowetz bro's) and running into Colleen made this a pretty entertaining recovery day.

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