Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Evil corporation


Normally I try to support my local, independantly owned, better tasting coffee shops but today I didn't have time to ride the extra 15 min each way and still make the wed group ride.

....and I wanted to enjoy my coffee.


On the way back I ran into a group of kids doing "science". It was pretty sweet! They had built a cannon that used air pressure (about 100 psi) to launch water bottles wrapped in duct tape and filled with lead shot (to get the weight just right) at over 200 miles per hour!
They were calculating distance and trajectory by having friends on the other side of the wash find the bottles. Some of them were nearly 900 feet.
Alex, I'm pretty sure this cannon would give our potato cannons a run for their money... if we had made some, which we didn't because they're probably illegal.

I was having so much fun watching the cannon that I lost track of time and had to play catch up on Brown Mtn!

Everyone was still at the top though, and we got a good shot of almost all the regulars.
Hey John, notice how everyone is dressed... on a night ride... in June? Bee-atch!

On my ride today I discovered what I think is the (2nd) most important training tool for cycling:

If you train by yourself (and if you ride enough mileage you inevitably do) then having music is quite a perk! Thanks to Benji for hooking up the sweet tunes AND the Shuffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The MOST important training tool ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
And last but not least, I've started running... I hate it but I have heard that a little cross training can be good for you and I am determined to find out for myself!
P.S. Thanks for the suggestion of a hit-counter to keep track of visitors Banner. I took your idea and I added one to the bottom of the page!


Alex said...

Yea dude - those kids' science project is giving me potato cannon envy...

Lyle said...

Ya, I feel like my cannon is inadequate now.

guitarideas said...

Coffee. I love my coffee too.
How many miles are you running? I hate running myself too.

That was cool that those college kids can play and not hurt themselves. Those college kids remind me of my youth when we did stupid stuff like that- I mean educational projects that I will repeat later on weekend for fun. As long as they don't shoot down anything down or go shoting bicycles on the trail I don't see any harm in it.

Your night riding has got me curious. I think I need to try it sometime just to see what it is like.

3/9/07 10:37 AM

Lyle said...

Hey Kirk, been running about 4 miles. Hate to break it to you but those kids were in high school!
Definitely come night riding! Thursday would be a great day for you to come, and if you need a light just call me and I will bring an extra.