Saturday, July 07, 2007

TDF partay extraordinaire

TDF pic
Some of you may be familiar with the bunny hopping style-meister Jesse Scarantino.
Many of you may also be planning to watch the Tour de France.
I am here to alert you to the FACT (not my opinion, universally agreed upon by the scientific community!) that Jesse will be hosting the most kick-ass party ever at his "venue", Scarantino's restaurant in pasadena.
Check out the website here:
It is a cyclist friendly place with tasty food and an incredible beer selection to accompany your barstool view of the tour on the flat panel tv's.
If this was a more popular blog I'd be making millions for a plug like this...
If you checked out the website though, you'd see that your second beer is free if you are in your kit.
I figure the free beer will be payment enough.
Anyway, the party will be awesome so if you are planning on watching the tour be sure and check it out!
Then come back and let me know what you thought in the comments section.


Alex said...

you KNOW i'll be there

Lyle said...

Goddamn right you will! Let's support a local eatery that has the AUDACITY to turn off baseball in favor of cycling! It all kicks off tomorrow at 7:30!