Monday, July 16, 2007

Papa's got a brand new bag!

Eat your heart out Boone!
Sam Krieg started out making too-cool-for-school chalk bags for climbers. Luckily for all us incredibly stylish cyclists, Krieg is now making saddle bags that you can be proud to put on your bike.
Instead of getting the smallest bag you can, and trying your best to hide it under your saddle, or stuffing your jersey pockets full of tubes, CO2, etc. you can now roll with STYLE.
On a relatively unimportant side note, it also works well. The velcro sections are pretty big and super grippy. It is pretty much the perfect size for tubes, CO2, levers, etc.
Unless you are one of those people who want a purse on their bike (42 cliff bars, cell phone, pager) this should be a good size.
It's not too wide, so you don't have to worry about it rubbing your legs.
The sides on this bag are fuzzy (adds to style), as you can see, so after a long, rainy and muddy ride I cleaned 'em off and they were good as new. The rest of the bag is some sort of ballistic nylon looking stuff that is easy to clean if you don't like dirt on your bike, but plenty durable if you are a "set it and forget it" type of rider.
After the long rainy, muddy ride I mentioned I checked inside and everything was totally dry so I guess it's pretty water resistant too.
The zipper closes in the "down" position so it shouldn't open up while you are riding, but if you are paranoid you can always sandwich it (zipper) between the velcro and it should be bomb-proof.
None of that is important though, style is the primary function of a cyclist.
Jesse, you should be writing this down... if I see you with a bag as cool as this I might just forget that you were riding with a Bento Box when I first met you.
Also, I would like you to check out the Krieg website and then post a review in the comments section, giving your professional opinion as Team Bearclaw Image/Style Manager.
Coming soon to a shop near you. Check out Krieg Cycling for more.


Anonymous said...

So far, from what I see, I approve of the bag on your bicycle.

Now, there are some things that could be done to improve this bag.

First of all, the zipper could be made out of gold. Not the color, the metal. This would provide a nice contrast of colors.

The bag also needs some carbon fiber accents. What purpose would this serve, you ask? Weight savings? Nope. Durability? Nope. Improved storage capacity? Wrong again.

Style. 100%. Some may say there is such thing as too much carbon fiber. They are probably Nascar fans who would prefer stainless steel, fiberglass and Coors Light. For us European riders, Carbon fiber is a fashion statement.

Lastly, and most importantly, this bag is missing the true show of style. Look at the most expensive (and best looking) parts, bikes and accessories in cycling. SIDI's $450USD Ergo shoes, Colnago's $10,000+USD Extreme Power Bike, Pinarello's top of the line frames... what do all of these share? The Italian Flag.

Thats right. When you want a product to go from good to incredible (and incredibly expensive) you put an Italian flag somewhere visible.

THAT is the main thing this bag is missing.

Otherwise, it's great. I know you're married, Lyle, but have you been experiencing increased attention from the opposit sex since installing this bag to your bicycle?

I'm out.

-Enzo Gucci

Lyle said...

This deserves a post of its own.