Friday, June 29, 2007

How to waste $800.00

Step 1. This is one of the funniest bicycle ads to ever grace (disgrace) the pages of ebay:

joke bike
"I was a former bike courier and a former track racer so I'm very picky about what I ride. To say that this bike is the perfect street cruiser is a gross understatement. The greatest thing about single speed bikes is that they are simple, slick, and beautiful, but never in my wildest dreams did I think they had them in full-suspension. This bike is as durable as it is beautiful. You can ride it, you can jump it, and you can even swim with it. There are hardly any moving parts or wires, so there's nothing to maintain or take care of. All you need to do is use it, abuse it, and park it. This model is not new, but not available in the US or Europe either.The one shown in the picture is fully assembled, but the one you are bidding on will arrive at your door steps brand new still in it's original packaging. This item is also available in Red and Yellow with matching tires. Some "very minor" assembly is required, but nothing you need mechanics for. The bike has a universal one size that will fits all frame. Adjustments with the seat and seat pole will allow it to fit just about anyone. If you are tall like me (6 foot 2 inches), you will need to get an extended seat pole, but the frame will fit and you will have a very comfortable ride. The bike comes with a 39 x 16 gear ratio. The rear silver pegs on the bike pictured are not standard, and will cost $10.00 extra and available upon request after purchase. This is the first time I'm actually selling on Ebay, so I hope I have been through enough, but please feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks you."

You can even swim with it? I think we've all been through enough... thanks you.

Go HERE if you want to see the actual page... but come back.

Step 2. Let me know what you think of this bike in the "comments" section.

Step 3. Once you have stopped laughing it will be time to get down to business... that's right: Business Time...

I might just have to dust off the ol' guitar and learn that one... to serenade my wife with.

Oh yeah, riding: I am back to training and in the past two days I've been doing back, to back, to back, to back hard interval rides... my bike wants more... but I'm quite sleepy.


Anonymous said...


your bike said...

rawwrrrhh...that song sure turned me on!

John Davis said...

Mmmm, business socks are for business.

Hey, man. I wouldn't make fun of that bike. He was a courier. And track racer. Who sits on a pole. Reeeespect!

Maybe if you were a pole-sitting courier you would know what it's like.

Anonymous said...

un-f'ing-believable!! that seller is so full of shit its coming out of his ears!

i think everyone who reads this post should ask him a totaly off-color question...

Kirk Rogers said...

That dud brings out the Austin Powers in me.