Thursday, July 12, 2007


I don't know what he's saying but that only makes it even funnier.

I am inspired by this video. I no longer think that doping should carry any fine or 2 year ban or any ban or penalty.
I just think that if a rider is convicted of doping they should have to compete dressed as a mariachi. Just like the guy in the video. Forever.


Kirk Rogers said...

Yeah my best defense "Hey I saw this funny video on EPO and I thought- I'll just take it, I didn't understand it, it was in spanish".

Now we know why Bond's and others are having such a hard time.........

All that time I thought it was "If your not cheating your not trying!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Lyle said...

If you want to understand it, the lyrics are on Youtube now and they are pretty funny!

Chalsie said...

Keep up the good work.