Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Settling in...

Today, after spending the last week and a half travelling and attending family events (a wedding and a funeral, 4th of july gathering and all the accompanying "sub-events")Brooke and I are finally in VT.
I have only one plan: ride my bike (finally).
Hopefully, after spending some time getting sick, getting well, and mucho tiempo on the above mentioned family events it will not be a case of "too little, too late"!
I can count the number of good workouts I've gotten lately on one hand so the idea now is to kick-ass on training, have a decent Nat's, train more and be fitter for NC and then come home better than ever.


Brooke Warner said...

I'm rootin' on you! I know you'll do well at Nationals!

Kirk Rogers said...

Me too Lyle. May everyone of youtt competitors fall and crash or bonk or die of starvation or get no sleep or have there legs get too weak............ or you can just know that all your friends are at the gelatio place or at Scarrantino's rootin' for you while eating galic bread.

Remember all those ride up GMR and the game is only for you to win. I am rootin for you.