Saturday, March 29, 2008

A veritable blogging whirlwind...

is going on over at Kitty Bait. Pretty much a post every day for the last week, and I don't mind saying that puts me to shame.
Stop it guys. It's not funny and it's making me look lazy.

Seriously though, check it out for a good read.

Raced NORBA #1 today at Fontana.
Supposedly there was going to be a call up based on last years results, which meant I would be in the first row.
In reality they decided not to do it, so when I showed up for my call up I pretty much just sat there 'till they rolled everyone to the line and started in the back, hmmmm.
Didn't really matter much since I didn't have the legs to make the most of a first row call up anyhow. They pretty much just saved me the embarrassment of going from first row to DFL in the first 60 seconds of racing, LOL. Thanks guys.
There were about 60 (a guess) riders in the Semi field and I got 14th so I guess I can't complain... HA!
Anyone who knows me knows that I can complain about anything!
Team Big Bear (a great group of guys) made a slight mis-calculation when they started the Expert women 27 minutes after the Semi Pro men.
With laps at around 35 minutes we started wading through the Expert ladies early in our second lap.
Not fun for them (they came to race, paid their money [$65.00] and deserved to have some fun) and not fun for us (we are mostly a bunch of dorks but still deserve to have good race for our 3900 combined dollars.)
Also, the sun was too hot, the air was too cold, the dirt was too dirty, the rocks were too rocky and my back hurt.
Other than that it would've been a great race.............................if I had won.


JC said...

Thanks for the love, man. I'm sure I'll have a bunch to complain about after Fontucky too. We'll see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

missed you at SDSR... I gained lots of, er, um, experience...


Lyle said...

Can't wait to hear the play-by-play Keith!
Maybe beers at Scarantino's next week? Brooke and I are going to AZ for a race this week.