Monday, March 17, 2008


My first time at Keyesville! Thanks for letting me know what a cool race it is Dave and Papo.
Brooke and I had fun camping and Dave, Brooke, Alex and I got to have a blast on a beautiful, fun course.
Alex and I started together on the first of 4 laps and were pacing ourselves pretty well until we got stuck behind 4 or so other racers.
I got around at the end of lap one and Alex got stuck behind for a while.
Once I got around I just kept going until I saw Dave yelling at me to hurry up and catch a guy who was right up the road at the end of my last lap... I gave it everything I had left (thanks Dave!) but I finished just 4 seconds behind him.
Alex was hot on my heels, I think we finished within one or two riders of each other.
Brooke put in a massive effort in her race (her longest ever), but I'll let her tell the details.
To everyone who couldn't make it, it's definitely a race worth going to!
Pics tomorrow and maybe more details if anything comes to mind.

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