Monday, March 17, 2008

Drink it in ladies...

More Keyesville fun:
Not Photoshopped, I actually look this good:


I lost track of all the ladies who wanted their picture taken with me. Here's one pic, taken at random:


Another babe:



blakeharlan said...

hey thanks for the words of encouragement @$$. Anyway, yea i will be missing Fontana because i will be in Puerto Rico. Hopefully the wounds will heal quickly. And likewise, you can always crash at my place if you wanna race in CO.

Lyle said...

Sweet, thanks. I hope I get to take you up on that. Brooke and I stayed in Longmont with a friend after last years NORBA finals.
CO has some pretty awesome riding and racing.
It was cool to see some big name talent just riding around Boulder too.

Anonymous said...

Aww I miss you guys so much.