Monday, June 25, 2007

B. Harlan

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This is an excerp from Blake Harlans blog. It is definately a gem of the blogging world (in my book, anyway), and I couldn't agree more. It was one of those times when you read something and think "Holy Shit... I'm not the only one!".

Anyway, Blake's blog is pretty interesting right now so check it out. Now here is a preview:

"Yesterdays effort left me with mixed emotions. Out of the 50 or 60 guys that lined up on the start line, 28 of them finished in front of me. The race was long, dusty, hot and needless to say really really hard. I paced myself almost to perfection for the 4 lap 2 hours and 45 minute ordeal but that just wasn't really good enough, or was it? I was great that i ran my body to the max, felt good about my effort, raced smart and better yet didn't crack. However, with all that said, thinking i couldn't have gone any faster, i still finished 29th. Maybe everyone else was just having a killer day but i highly doubt it. I think this is just a wake up call that even though i wake up and train everyday, pretty much without much thought to the weather, its still going to take some time to be up there with the big boys. Weather its just more time i need, or maybe I'm just waiting for something between my bike and my body to click. While it might seem like a bad thing to feel, I have found it unusually hard to watch those around me continue to excel. Almost like I'm getting left behind. Its not that I'm really that jealous of them but more frustrated as to why i can't be doing the same. But if its one thing i have learned during this whole bike racing lifestyle, its that everyone excels at their own speed. One day I'll be in the pro ranks bump'n elbows, but I'll just have to wait a little longer."

Damn... cycling is so bittersweet sometimes.

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glad my babble offered some entertainment.