Sunday, June 24, 2007

Me, Brooke, Jesse and Bear Divide... Lazy Days.

On Fri Brooke, Jesse Scarantino (who will be hosting some incredible Tour de France parties in July. I will post the link for those who live in the LA area.) and I rode up to Bear Divide.
It was hotter than camel piss.
I can definitely say that is the hardest I've ridden since getting sick... I was worked on sat and took it easy.
Sun (today) I will see how my legs feel and maybe do a pretty hard ride again.
Alex stopped by this morning and gave a little demo on the correct posture for riding a single-speed.

On a completely unrelated note: Brooke's single-speed is almost fully operational.


PinkHater said...

Almost Fully Operational....I like that i should use that more often...Hi sir, your bike is ready is almost fully operational LOL

Lyle said...

Thou shalt not hate pink.

Brooke Warner said...

Wow, Alex makes my bike look like it's for a midget! I guess that's what I am!