Monday, April 21, 2008

Turns out it was 10th.

Tenth place in Short Track and 15th in XC.
At the race they posted my XC placing as 14th but someone must've protested because the online results say 15th. At least I am still top 15, LOL.
I will post a race report as soon as I get some pics up, but basically I was heckled into the top 15 by Alex Boone who was charging up the last climb about 45 seconds behind me yelling "I'm coming for you Lyle!".
Between him chasing and me running like a scared little bee-yotch I think we passed about 10 people in the last 10 minutes of racing.


Andrew said...

I've been heckled by Boone too. Its very impressive and very scary as well. I still don't think I've recovered emotionally...

Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Congrats Lyle! Those are some kick ass results at the Otter!

Lyle said...

Thanks Emma, I'm pretty sure you win though, cuz' you got a podium right?