Thursday, April 17, 2008

Call to, legs?

Racers and Chasers. Vail Lake. May 10th. Be there.

IMG_5965 r and c

This weekend I drove out to Vail Lake for one of the Racers and Chasers series races and I realized what MTB is missing!
Racers and Chasers is a local series that caters to the RACERS. The course was typical So-Cal, dry with some sand, rolling and fast and despite the heat that day and the fact that there was a last minute course re-routing due to high winds it was fun, well marked and challenging, with lots of serpentine singletrack and a several short, steep climbs.

IMG_6016 r and c

The thing that makes this race so cool though is that it is run more like a local 'cross or road race that is put on by racers, for racers.
The entry fees are rediculously fair at only 20 bucks each on the day of! Maybe less if you register online?

IMG_5955 r and c

For elite racers there is full payback (don't quote me on that, but there is DEFINITELY prize money paid out...). Try finding THAT at one of So-Cal's typical races, races that are put on for profit by large promoters.
I am still trying to figure out why I'm paying 91 bucks for Sea Otter XC and 75 for Short Track???? WTF. I know for a fact that I won't see a dollar of that money ever again, even if I win both races.
Add to that the gas, parking(?) fees, hotel or campsite fees and you've got yourself a pretty f'ing expensive weekend!
I am now officially looking forward to doing the next Racers and Chasers event on May 10th, where I won't have to drive as far, the racing is just as fun and some of the money makes it's way back to the riders who deserve it.

IMG_9978 r and c

So to recap: Just as much fun, cheaper, win some gas money(if you have good legs that day), BBQ (I know, I forgot to mention that I am planning on BBQing at the lake after), ANNNNNDDDDDD... May 10th. BE THERE.

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