Tuesday, April 15, 2008

By request:

Team stuff is here:

This is some new stuff mixed with some old. The cranks are not team issue though, they are just in my house because they are broken and I'm going to take them to Sea Beaver in the hopes that Crank Bro's will be there.

More stuff:


More stuff:


Of course I recognize that this is possibly the most anti-climactic post in history, a messy bunch of boxes of $#!T in my living room but apparently it was promised to the masses of Cycling Life readers (all six, hi Mom) by my other (better) half, so here it is.




Again, I apologize for the anti-climactic nature of this post. It was not my intention. Rest assured that here at Cycling Life blogging headquarters we always aim to climax.


Vu said...

That is awesome man! Definitely a perk of being part of that team. Too bad your frame didn't come assembled. You think you will be able to ride it for sea otter? See you at sea otter.

Lyle said...

I'll be on my 29er at Sea Otter. See you there.

JC said...

I'd have to say the coolest piece of equipment by far has to be the blue leather recliner and matching ottoman.

Let me know how the Monarch works out on the Procal.

John Davis said...

How'd you break your cranks already????

Lyle said...

My FTP is about 47,956 watts.
It's either that or a manufacturing defect, but they looked good when I took them out of the box so I think it's my energy legs.

Lyle said...

Yeah, JC, you THINK the coolest thing is the sweet blue leather furniture but that's because you didn't realize that I am a Paper Mache expert and I MADE all the cardboard boxes pictured by chewing up palm fronds I found in the street after the Santa Ana's and mixing the pulp with organic glue I made out of Gerbers baby formula and a jellyfish.

jc said...


I've never actually seen that much detail with a jellyfish-based adhesive. I typically will use a tapioca and lard resin. It's quite an effective composite.

Somebody call Craig Calfee.