Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuz She's a Balla'...

...I had to ride.


Yesterday's was the first workout in a LONG time that I have a file for!
Thanks to Hunter getting on my case and making me get my Power-Tap hub fixed, and thanks to Hector at Velo for doing the work!
Hector is hands down the best mechanic I know.
I didn't ride the day before because the air was so bad, after my jog/walk I was sick of breathing it... yesterday wasn't much better but I decided to brave it. Especially since I couldn't talk Brooke out of riding and I figured I'd look like a sissy bitch if she went and I didn't!
The workout didn't seem like much, but there are massive fires all over our area and if you stand in one spot for a few minutes you will get a light dusting of ash!
It wasn't worth driving because I would have to go several hours away befor the air would improve.
I decided to ride outdoors and play it by ear... my lungs felt okay, probably because I kept the intensity LOW and never had to take deep breaths. I definitely think that the ride did a lot more GOOD than harm.
It was less time and intensity than Hunter had planned, but I think it was about as good as could be expected.
They reported that the fires raised temperatures locally by 10 degrees... that seems like a lot but maybe not impossible.


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Lyle, JDavis told me that because I'll soon be riding an S-Works cross bike, there might be an opening on team bearclaw. I have no recent victories to my record(nothing since Republicans took control of the White House), but I know the locations of all reputable ice cream parlors with psuedo-pornographic names (Honey Hut and the Tasty Swirl!) in northern Ohio.