Friday, October 12, 2007

Nat Ross crucified...

...for the best moment of 'Cross Vegas:

This is my response regarding the promoters attacks on Nat for his "transgression":

Nat, you are my hero... I've never seen such a smooth beer feed in my life.
The organizers of that event need to recognize that the sheer PROness of that hand off eleveted their race to an HNL ('hole 'nutha level).
At the time of this writing, the race promoters who "scolded" you are dead to me.
There is a slim chance that I will acknowledge their existence in the future.
For instance, if they were to realize the error of their ways, and (after apologizing) create the "Nat Ross Award", given to the rider who creates the singularly "most PRO" moment in the race.
As you did.


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