Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am pumped for 'cross. I have new wheels for this season (and when I say "wheels" I don't just mean wheels, I mean i have a new bike!), I will post pics when I get back from Labor Day weekend camping.
Until then, you too can get pumped for 'cross:

1) Watch this video.

2) Pound a beer.

3) Pound your chest.

4) Repeat until you are pumped for racing 'cross.

Tune in to our next post for an interview with legendary 'cross racer and ladies man Doyle Diamond.

And lastly, in the immortal words of the film "Napoleon Dynamite":

"Ah wahnt that!"

dv cross


Meggan said...

Sooooo where are the muddy and freezing cold cross races in SoCal!?!?! ;)

Will you be coming to the northeast to experience the cold mucky-muck?

Kirk Rogers said...

What part of that was fun?

Come climb a hill in the 117 degree heat now that is something brag about.

So Cal is God Country where the waves meet the mountains and the girls are prettier. So Cal rules. If we want to get wet we turn on a strinkler and ride a bike on the lawn!


Lyle said...

Well... I do love a good strinkler.

John Davis said...

socal cross is so not cross. if you want to do your mullet justice, you must lather up in your finest warming oil and head northeast.

Lyle said...

I would love nothing more than to surf your couch. You can oil down my legs, and then I will introduce you and your simple townspeople to the wonder that is Team Bearclaw.