Sunday, August 05, 2007

Now I'm a man! Man, man, man! Man man man manmanmanmanmanmanman I'm a man......

Won the first annual Altadena Naked Crow Mountain Bike Challenge today. Won $300.00.
The race started at the JPL gate to Brown Mtn. I just sat in for the whole flat section before the fire road climb up to Brown. My team mate Alex was right behind me.
Just as we hit the dirt fire road climb, one of the other cyclists attacked and, although I didn't actually think he was a threat to stay away I figured it was as good a time as any for me to attack.
I think maybe Alex thought I was just chasing him down and would slow down when he cracked, because he let a small gap form.
I figured I'd try and stay away so I rode as hard as I could and SLOWLY widened the gap until I had a little over a minute lead.
When I went over the top I knew he would be hot on my wheels so I headed down towards El Prieto as fast as I knew how.
The course went past El P. and into Millard Cyn., and then we headed up lower Sunset to the Lowe toll road.
I knew that if he was going to catch me it would be here so I was on the rivet for the whole climb, suffering but motivated by the thought of a win.
When I crested Sunset the course went straight across Lowe and down a rutted out horse trail.
It was fast and bermed, short but fun to ride, and I knew that if I rode smooth it would be impossible for anyone to catch me since it was steep downhill the whole way to the line.
Thanks to Martin for the great pic.

There was a long paved straightaway before the line and I was puzzled to see another rider up ahead... it turned out to be one of the "amateur" riders who had done a shorter course. I caught him right before the line but then sat up so that he could get out of my victory photo.
If Chet Bearclaw caught me sharing the spotlight with inferior teams ("inferior"= any team He is not on)I would have my ass kicked.
The other rider is lucky I'm not Chet or he would've been punched off the road while the male officials looked the other way and the females lined up to give Chet backrubs.
Hopefully my six-pack will be visible in the photo but I'm assuming they will airbrush out the throngs of adoring female fans chasing me up towards the finish line and victory. They have to because they can't show nudity.
Look for it on the front page of your local paper. Or the LA or NY Times.
They made a documentary of this historic event. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

After watching this video I KNOW I'm a MAN!