Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't do this...

I was headed out for a road ride when I spotted Will and Larissa and a couple friends getting ready to leave for a Brown Mtn/El Prieto loop.
Rode home, grabbed my SS and spun like crazy to the trailhead.
Caught 'em on the way up and Will and I cruised down together, pausing occasionally to regroup.
When Will and I stopped at the bottom everyone showed up promptly except for one....
Apparently not tightening your skewers can result in catastrophic failure. Hmmmm.
Who knew.
Luckily Will spins wrenches for Helen's Cycles and was able to run "damage control" on the the above bicycle so that we could roll to the parking lot.
Will's the one on the left...
After this sweet loop I rocked out another ride up the 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy) and over Little/Big T (can never remember which??), stopped by Banner's place where I'm pretty sure he fed me... I think he needs a spot on my jersey "Fueled by Banner" or something!
Anyway, another sweet day of riding for the books.

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