Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to blogging!

I'm back to blogging! I had to get a new computer due to "technical difficulties" with my 2000 model, a sweet machine with Windows Millenium Edition and a "bunch of other stuff" as they say in the computer business.
Anyway, long story short: 600 bucks and a trip to Costco later and I am installing the software for my digital camera as we speak!

First off, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate John Davis on the fantastic weather in Ohio. This is what it looks like here:

Oh yeah, and I believe that is a plum tree
in bloom over to your left.... West Coast bee-otch!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, in addition to snapping pics and saving them up to heckle my East Coast friends I have been....

Riding with the PAA "Ladies Ride", guys were also welcome on this ride but I will still give a prize to whoever posts the funniest/most clever
comment alluding to me being a lady.

After the Ladies Ride I went to meet Banner for a little MTB action. Due to scheduling difficulties (I was late and Banner was going to wait if no one else showed up...) I found this note waiting for me at his house.
Of course, as soon as I read the note, in typical racer fashion I thought, "I am going to go so fast my tires will burst in to flames right about the time I fly past them BEFORE they even hit the trailhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
After about 45 min. of all-out hammering, while I was walking my bike up the mountain, I had some time to ponder my condition and came to the inevitable conclusion that my tires were not actually on fire and that I was, in fact, "real late + slow".................humbling.

JL, Banner and Kelley (not in this pic) were kind enough to wait for me, and since I did my walking/pushing my bike in strategic locations they never actually saw me off the bike and I avoided complete humiliation.
Banner and JL are both local ride/race instigators and former (future?) MTB racers. JL is sportin' the Big Baller Numero Uno on his jersey if you look closely.
We had a good ride down and I stopped at Banner's house to eat his food before I headed home.


Alex said...

Sweet. Now i can live vicariously through your non-student, non-poor, pro-raceresque life. You're one lucky dude, Lyle.

John Davis said...

Oh man, you had to pull out the nice weather pics, didn't you? I think I'm going to start hibernating.

Hey, I'm going to be in Morgan Hill next week for a clinic at Specialized. Our hours are pretty crazy, but if you happen to be in the area, maybe we can hook up a night ride or something.


Lyle said...


(I tried to type it very sarcastic-like but this font doesn't do it justice)