Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Night-riding, tires and Wifey

Ah, yes. Another hard day of training in Southern California...

Doggie Ride!!!!!!!

Last night Brooke and I went night riding and met up with the infamous "Doggie Ride"
The dogs were fun and everyone had a blast.
I had some light-reflective tires on my bike that were super cool at night.
After the ride was over Brooke and I went for another couple of hours and then rode home just in time to order take-out chinese food.

Thanks for the tires John! Super fun at night.
Beamer and Banner. Beamer looks like he's having fun! Maybe that's why he's been showing up so much lately.

The only girl I know who will throw down a 4 and a half hour night ride and love it!

Who says training has to be hard?


Alex said...

Sweet rubber on the hardtail, man. I bet those psychadelic color-tastic tires ride as sketchily (is that even a word?) as they look. But hey... maybe i'm just out of the loop.

Lyle said...

No, even sketchilyerer.

IronGambit said...

haha, interesting tires though! Where do you get a pair like that?

Lyle said...

Go to and you can find a dealer in your area.