Friday, January 12, 2007

I assure you, that's a trail.

Had a great time riding mountain... the intervals were hard because I was sore from yesterday but it was fun anyway.
My only complaint... mechanicals!!!!!!

I didn't even get out the front gate before I had to bleed my rear brake and since I didn't have any DOT3 I had to go out and get some first. I tried to just top off the reservoir but no dice, had to bleed it.
Thankfully, Avids are well designed and easy to bleed. This is the first time in years that I've HAD to bleed one and I have them on 3 bikes. Also, if it ever comes down to it, they have always stood by their equipment and in my experience customer service is 2nd to none.

After I got that taken care of I had a great ride to Inspiration Point...
You look through the tubes to find a location.
It's all very scientific (robot voice: "LOCATING...")
Today the view was, uhhh... not.
Herbert the donkey PUSHED a cart up the mountain on these tracks. You can see how worn the middle tie is.

I wish my ass was that strong.

Rocky and foggy...

After I left Inspiration Point I had a blast on the descent! It was a little surreal riding through the fog because you only had the sense of motion in your immediate space! It was like being in a loop of time where you rode the same ten feet over and over and over and over and... sorry.
It was like being in motion but not traveling any sort of distance. I really had no idea when the trail would end or how far I'd gone.
Hearing the fog-muffled trail sounds over my iPod while riding through the fog on this trail was really cool.
....I must've hit a loose rock JUST right to kick it up at my rear derrailleur which then went into my spokes!
Luckily no spokes broke and I got the derrailleur out (totally mangled, and the hanger too!) and rode/coasted home. I wish I'd taken pics of the der. in the spokes but I just sort of panicked!

When I got home I had just enough time to replace the der. and hanger ( I had spares ) before I was supposed to meet my friend Beamer for a night ride. I got to Beam's house only 5 min. late only to find that he had to work late! After all the ringing his doorbell and waiting I barely had time to make it to Matt G's thur. night Cherry Canyon bonanza and had to sprint the whole way.
But I made it. And it was fun.


John Davis said...

Mmmm, offroad intervals :) That time of year already, hmm? Now, if only it would freeze here, then I could do some outdoor work too...

Platanos Fritos said...

Nice job bleeding those brakes!! Although, I could of swear that you have to point that lever down when you bleed the "jugosos". Anyways, What do I know? I'm just a mexican passing by... Peace Out!! DLX SON!!

Refried Beans said...

As a remark to the previous comment.... I get it now my poor photography skills made me realize the lever is in that position for a reason...if you point it down there is no way Jose that you can take the picture of the lever while holding the syringe...Anyways, I'll see you in the wilderness.