Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brain freeze.

It was so cold on Saturday that one of the guys sweat actually froze in his hair on the way up.Le Tigre with ice in his hair.

We started early from J Mc K's house and rode out to Hwy 39 for the climb up to Crystal Lake.
Hwy 39

Sat. was a record breaking day for cold and there were patches of ice lurking on the road. Below is a pic of the road to Crystal Lake with snow and ice on it.
Everyone is standing but me because I am taking a pic, but the road was so steep here that I almost came to an involuntary stop when I tried to get out my camera.

We rode past Crystal Lake, almost to where the road turns into gravel. We decided to turn around when we saw that is was so cold Graham's sweat had frozen on his head.
I got a wicked brain freeze on the descent from the cold wind on my face! I was going pretty slow because I was paranoid, there was ice on the ground and I didn't want to be caught off guard coming around a corner. Braking and shifting was strange too since I couldn't feel my fingers. I knew I was shifting or braking but I couldn't feel how much. It was very clumsy.
Even though I wasn't going too fast wind chill was definately a factor and by the time we got to the gate at the bottom (23 min. later) my hands were painfully cold.
I missed a terrific photo opportunity of the five of us, all clad in lycra, shoving our hands down our pants trying to get them warm again. That would've been a classic pic, but I didn't think of it until my hands were starting to warm up and by then it was too late.
From there we rode over to GMR and went up the back and down the front.
On the way home I stopped by a buddies house just as he was pulling chicken off the grill. Perfect timing.
Obligated to feed me, he whipped up a gourmet salad and gave me some of his chicken... thanks Kirk!
Saddle time: 6 hrs 45 mins. Ouch.


guitarideas said...

Now from Kirk's point of view. Hey that BBQ Chicken was also organic. Cooked perfect with turn overs every 5 minutes until golden brown. Lighted salted with garlic salt. The salad was a combination of lettuce greens, roasted almonds, feta cheese, two aples, 4 tangerines and a Trader Joe's vinegrate.

Lyle can eat. I mean really eat. He told me all the ride he had just done and it made my 44 miles by myself seem like it was not much. He was over 80 miles in the snow both ways! Uphill both ways too. So I decided this needs to eat, so we I dished him up on the feast and he wasn't complaining. He left with a big smile on his face.

Lyle hurray up and tell everyone about the Rose Bowl laps we did when you were on my $2,000 Cannondale hybrid and me on my carbon fibre Kestrel.


Lyle said...

Ya, Kirk dropped me.