Monday, April 09, 2007

Food Life?

Although this blog usually has cycling as a central theme, it is starting to seem more and more like a tour of the food I eat...
On one of my recovery rides Jesse Scarantino and I stopped by the best gelato maker on the planet (not my opinion, scientific fact) for some gelato. If you are a gelato fan, or you like GOOD italian coffee and you live in the Altadena/Pasadena area, then A: you are lucky, and B: go to Bulgarini Gelato
Jesse and Leo on the patio... Although they just moved into a new location on the North-West corner of Lake and Altadena Dr they are already proving to be very cyclist friendly.
The "Official Grand Opening" will be on the 14th of this month, but the owner (Leo) was happy to serve me and Jesse and the patio was a nice place to relax after riding.
This will inevitably become a regular spot to start/end a ride. If I can muster up enough self-discipline to not eat the (best) gelato (in the world) then at least I can treat myself to a grade A espresso!

Breaking down barriers... normally roadies and BMXers do not co-exist, but here Jesse is re-inventing the Euro Roadie Rules by wearing a matching kit (Italian Team) and exhibiting extreme image and style while simultaneously riding a bike costing less than 4,000 USD
I followed the E.R.R. and ignored him, but after seeing this picture I have been forced to re-evaluate my decision... I believe his strict adherence to rule #2, and the extreme image and style reflected in this photo warrant me overlooking his flagrant violation of exceptable bicycles.

Once again, although I took exception to his "fred"-like black shorts and his cheap POS frame I was compelled to overlook them on account of the extreme style and image.
Jesse is a reasonable person and when I explained the rules to him he agreed to buy a more expensive, european frame. It should be here tomorrow.

In other news a ladybug landed on my wife's leg.
Calm down...

A few years ago a pet shop burned down and the parrots escaped. They have been living in Altadena and the surrounding area ever since and have grown in number. Here they are making an extremely loud racket in some (poor) persons front yard.
I am pretty sure they are complaining about the hack job that some butcher did to their tree.
I was offended just riding by, and if I had seen the person responsible he would've recieved a slap across the face with my team issue gloves (which are white)

Rainy day riding... met up at a local coffee shop for a long ride to Baldy. It was miserably cold and raining so we went to my place and watched Off Road to Athens (must see for any MTBer) and rode the rollers and trainer.

My week ended with an Easter MTB ride. We had about 20 people show up and if I can get some pics I will devote a post to just that ride, otherwise you should know that guest blogger Jason Lowetz is showing impressive form and skill. He did not give up on even the steepest of hills.


John Davis said...

Dude, I wouldn't be posting any pics of your wife's legs with Tom around. Who knows what might happen.


JTino said...

Dang, that guy on the BMX bike is really incredibly handsome. How do you know him? Does he let you hang out with him?