Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anybody.... Bueller....?

Can anyone name this rider?
Just a little useless trivia on a thursday...
Today I am just riding around and stretching my legs. This has been a funky week because I felt a little cruddy after I got back from Sea Slaughter, and I abandoned the training I had planned.
Tomorrow morning I will caravan up the coast with Alex and the rest of the Boone family for the Firestone NORBA.
Although I hadn't planned to be resting so much between my last race and now it could work in my favor. My legs should either be fresh and bursting with energy or stale and leaden, LOL!
Anyway, I should learn something either way.
Got the new team kits this week and I have to say, they are pretty awesome! Now if I could just get that new bike... (it's being painted).
Hopefully my trusty Ziggurat HT will get me through Firestone, although I have to mention that it would be a perfect course for a 29er.
The Zig definitely sustained some damage from all the muddy, short-track chainsuck. It lost the chainstay guard and a couple layers of carbon... I will have the Fisher guys take a look and report back with pictures to let you know the future of my favorite bike. Ever.

PS: If you haven't guessed who the rider is and you want a hint you can ask me in the "comments" section.


Anonymous said...


Alex said...

hmmm... based on the RockShox MAG fork and gloss black shimano STI - i would have to say this photo was taken circa 1995. And seeing as this rider looks rather young, i would guess he is in his mid to late twenties now. That means it could be:

-Nick Martin
-Your Mom

alex said...

oops... fruedian slip. i meant 'Phil Monel' instead of Banner.

John Davis said...

Ah damn, I've seen this pic before, but I can't quite remember who it is. I know it is someone well known...well, I think, anyway. Is it JB?

Lyle said...

No, not JB.

thump said...

It's nice to know that 12 year olds were riding the same gear I was as an expert in Illinois during the middle years of the Clinton administration.

What's even more frightening is that I still have a Mag 21 hooked into that ancient S-Works steel frame. That thing is READY!

Anonymous said...

What's even more sweet is the Coors Light jerey on a 12 year old. Hook him up with a Marlboro cap and you have the complete hookup.

thump said...

Can someone draw in a pack of smokes in the waterbottle cage?

Is that Tinker behind the pre-pubescent alcoholic? Or just a Tinker look-alike?

Lyle said...

Ha, ha, good catch Thump... It could be tinker behind him!
I don't really think so, but he does have some sweet hair going on.

thump said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lyle said...

This comment has been deleted by the author/dictator of this blog because the commentor seemed to be under the MISTAKEN impression that it was a democracy and failed to show proper respect to the Supreme Dictator/Male Supermodel of this blog universe by:
A: Backseat blogging
B: Demeaning a picture of John looking all "Rico Suave" that is clearly the BEst-Ever-Raddest Media Event (a picture that shall be referred to as "BE.E.R. M.E." from now on) to ever happen in this or any other universe.
You are hereby placed "On Thin Ice" and if you repeatedly trespass against BE.E.R. M.E. or the Supreme Dictator/Male Supermodel you will answer to my "Ping-Pong Enforcer" who may or may not let you win.

Colt McElwaine said...

Is that J powers??

Colt McElwaine said...

Is that J powers??

Jason said...

It's Tom Danielson