Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Santa Ynez wuz hot

I cracked HARD in the XC race on Saturday but was able to muster up a halfway decent kicking-out of jams on Sunday for the STXC.
It was a fast start and Blake "Holeshot" Harlan was gunning for the front. I wasn't on the front row so there was the usual battle for position which was short lived due to the immediate entry into singletrack.
Boone was just a few seconds behind me. Although obviously tired from his near success in trying to lap me while riding a wheelie for the whole XC race the day before he was still able to look fabulous in his skinsuit and struck a sweet pose for the best pic of the day:
After things "settled down" (yeah right) we were all strung out along the trail in one big line.
I tried to get around the rider in front of me but he was fighting me for it tooth and nail and there wasn't a whole lot of room to pass so I eventually ended up sitting in so as not to waste too much energy.
I got around him after he let a gap open, but I wasn't able to bridge back up to the group and ended up chasing Ben around from about 10 seconds back.
I pretty much rode in the wind for the rest of the race. I had company in the form of Jason Siegel and John Nobil but after another rider crashed, Jason and I lost Nobil and then on the last lap I attacked and passed another racer at just the right moment to leave him directly in Jasons way.
Hehe, sorry buddy but you have to admit, you were matching ALL my accelerations and making it look easy... I was scared.
Anyway, by then we were at the end of the last lap and my HR was at 194.
I thought I was going to melt before I would reach the finish but I ended up behind Ben (8th), rolling across the line in 9th place before any melting took place. Then I melted.
Blake had crushed it with a podium ride into 3rd place.

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