Friday, January 25, 2008

Why I train...

Ass kickings.

I train to avoid them. Some times it goes better than others.

It's been raining a lot lately, but it's still SoCal and I haven't had to ride my trainer... sometimes it just makes the ride that much better!
The past couple of days I've thrown down several rides between 3 and 4.5 hours and although it was wet, I was able to choose sandy trails that drain well (so they don't get damaged by traffic while they're wet) and it wasn't so cold I was miserable.

Although it will leave me with no excuse if I later get an Ass Kicking by someone from a snowy location who's been riding a trainer all winter, Ahhhhmmmmmohioah!, excuse me, I will continue to be consoled by the fact that I get to enjoy fantastic riding all year round.

Last weekend I recieved 3 different levels of Ass Kickings at 3 different races but was fortunate enough to win money in all 3, which took a lot of sting out of the potential humiliation I would've felt. Who says you can't buy happiness?

3rd on the road, 15th at a UCI 'cross race the same day and the next day I got 5th in the Open class at the "ABR National Cyclocross Championship" which was also 1st in the 19-29 age range, making me (according to ABR) a National Champion. That's right, you heard correctly.


Now, at this point you may be asking "What the hell is ABR? Didn't they already have a National Championship in Kansas?" you may also be asking, "Where the hell did this supposed National Championship take place"

Well, the answers are: I don't know, yes, and I'm not telling because I'm relying heavily on anonymity to help me defend my title next year.

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