Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Storm the Beach sweetness:

Chet flew the whole team to Hawaii for a fun cyclocross race in the sun.



It was hard racing in the sand. There was a lot of running!
Things were a little hairy at the start and I hung back to avoid any accident.
After a long straight into a headwind it turned sharp to the right and downhill. I was able to move up in the field along the left side.
I was in the lead group and everyone was smooth along the back twisty muddy section until we hit some deep sand at speed!
A few people went down in front of me but I ran around and made my way to the beach where the waves made the sand firm enough to ride on.
Brent Prenzlow had come clear of the tangle in the sand along with Jason Lowetz.
Me and a few others tried to close the gap but only Fritz Bottger got across.
After that it was slow and steady for me and Tony Cruz, moving our way up through the field.
We passed Jason and John Bailey and Mike McMan (one of the best technically! Hammered through the sand) until it was just us behind (30 secs) Fritz, John Beherens and Brent Prenzlow.
Eventually I got a gap through the sand on the 2nd to last lap and held it to the line.
It was a really tough field and definitely my best result yet!

The Elite men.

I was able to make good time on Tony Cruz (Discovery Channel) in the sand and it allowed me to beat him even though he is a stronger rider.

Balls out into the sand at Storm the Beach.

Jason "whoo's!" through the sand.


McKeen smooth over the barriers.

Me and John Bailey over the barrers. It's windy at the beach!

Podium. I finally got to spray beer on all my friends. 4th place and I'll take it! It was a tough field.

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