Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The agony of victory, the thrill of defeat.

Disaster struck at almost the exact second that I won my first ever cyclocross race. These five pictures all take place in that exact second. If you look at my face you can see that I haven't even had time to realize how much the next 3 seconds are going to suck. Definately wasn't expecting this one. Good thing the finishing straight was on asphalt. Here are a couple of pics along with what I would've been thinking if I had had time for thoughts... Yep.

I am thinking: "Pedal!!!"

I am thinking: "Throw the bike.... NOW"

I am thinking: "Yes! I just won."

I am thinking: "There is a strange shoving sensation on the left side of my bar."

I am thinking: "!@#$%!"

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